Codenine Installations

Graphic Installations Company

Project Overview

Codenine Installations are a graphics installations company. When Codenine approached me, they were a new company with no previous website or written content, so this project was designed and developed from scratch.

The vision for their website was to create a platform showcasing their portfolio and services. Graphic installations are all about visuals therefore, I knew from the start, the website I created needed to be an extraordinarily eye-catching imagistic experience.

I created a design which combined their main colour of bright yellow with a black background to enforce their branding across all aspects. Building any website featuring a dark design has it’s risks and can be detrimental to the overall feel of the website if not executed correctly. To ensure the dark colour scheme did not have a negative impact, I used images and curved section breaks to allow for identifiable sections.  

The main focal point of the website was the portfolio. Codenine had a high volume of portfolio items and therefore it was crucial for it to be organised well. I in turn, developed a categories and filter system which allowed Codenine to apply a category tag to each portfolio item. These categories were outputted automatically onto the main portfolio page of the website which allowed their visitors to filter through their large portfolio by viewing items from a specific category only.

An additional aspect of this project was producing the written content of the website. To compete with their competition, I ensured the website was SEO friendly to ultimately aid in increasing the traffic on their website.

Services Provided:
Web Design / Web Development / Content Writing

Wordpress / PHP / Java Script / HTML / CSS

Live Website URL:

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