Infraxis – Money 2020 Expo

Payment Solutions Company

Project Overview

Infraxis, a repeat customer, is a payments solutions company that required designs for a high profile Exhibition they took part in called Money 2020 in Amsterdam. They required:

  • Branding refresh
  • Artwork / designs for their booth
  • 2 booklets designs
  • Artwork for the onscreen presentations within the booth

Further to the above, they required a new website that would fit in with their newly established branding (See portfolio item for this here).

The new branding created for Infraxis was light and minimal. This style of branding was not only a better representation of the company better but also provided a modern and sophisticated composition in line with the services Infraxis offer.

The booth played a crucial part for the success of Infraxis partaking in the Exhibition. One of the largest difficulties faced when creating the initial design ideas, was configuring something that represented the companies highly complex services in a simplistic and concise manner assuring that visitors to the booth would be able to easily understand the services offered. With this in mind, the strategy of the booth design was to use large text headlines in conjunction with custom drawn images to attract the crowd to the booth from a distance.

Infraxis required a design that made an impact and aided them in expanding their brand reach within their professional area therefore, the final design reflected this through having the Infraxis logo boldly branded across the booth.

As well as the booth design, Infraxis also required A4 booklets that outlined their key services. The style and branding of the booklets was created  in line with the booth. As some of Infraxis’ services are highly complex, custom diagrams and images were drawn throughout the booklets to aid in explaining the value of their services.

Within the booth, there were 2 screens in which presentations were displayed. Infraxis required artwork imagery to display within these. The artwork was custom drawn and tied in with all other aspects of their branding and imagery within the booth which added to the company’s overall branding impact at the event.

A project of this nature required seamless integration of all aspects to assure the effective delivery of the company’s services, strategies and marketing funnel

Services Provided:
Expo Booth Artwork / Brochure Design / Presentation Artwork / Vector Diagrams

Illustrator / Photoshop / Vector Images

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