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Project Overview

Returning customer Infraxis is a payments solutions company that required a modern and well-designed website upgrade. Their previous website was convoluted with a large volume of information on the website and as a result was very overwhelming and ultimately misrepresented both them as a company and their services. On top of this, Infraxis was taking part in a high profile Exhibition called Money 2020 in Amsterdam, and wanted the website in time for the event (you can view the design work I completed for their booth/brochures here).

A fundamental process of this project was to create a design that was simple, sleek, and logical with their clientele in mind with the goal of creating a beneficial tool for Infraxis generating increased business. The design was drawn and mocked up using Sketch ( a digital design software) where both the UI and the feel of how the website would look was established before moving on to the development stage of the project. On top of this, all diagrams / icons for the website where designed / drawn in vector format using Adobe illustrator. The purpose of the custom drawn diagrams and icons were to further enhanced the branding presence of Infraxis and clearly layout the services they offer. 

Similarly to the majority of my work, this website was custom coded on WordPress and was built with the customer in mind where website maintenance and updates can now be completed with ease. As the website was built from my own custom code, I was also able to assure the performance of the website with a focus on low loading times. As the website had a seamless single page design, the navigation had to be connected through anchor tags and was integrated with Java Script to achieve a smooth scrolling effect whenever the users clicked on any of the links.

A project with this need for complex-simplicity requires a balance of modernised eye-catching designs and effortless navigations.

Services Provided:
Website Design & Development

Sketch / Adobe Illustrator / HTML / CSS / PHP / JavaScript / Wordpress

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