Payment Solutions Company

Project Overview

Infraxis is a payments solutions company that required a modern and well-designed website upgrade. Their previous website was not responsive nor pleasant on the eye and ultimately misrepresented their services. A fundamental process of this project was to create a design that was simple, sleek, and logical with their clientele in mind with the goal of creating a beneficial tool for Infraxis generating increased business.

Similarly to the majority of my work, this website was developed on WordPress and configured with the customer in mind as website maintenance and updates can now be completed with ease. Once the desktop version was complete, I focussed my energy on ensuring the mobile version was concise, intuitive and fully responsive.  

In addition to the website upgrade, Infraxis also required brochures to be designed. Keeping inline with the theme of their new website, I took to designing contemporary informative brochures maintaining their simplistic layout and structure. I added key features such as a table breakdown of their services and streamlined flow of content to ensure extensive impact of promoting their services.

A project with this need for complex-simplicity requires a balance of modernised eye-catching designs and effortless navigations.

Services Provided:
Web Design / Web Development / Brochure Design

Wordpress / PHP / Java Script / HTML / CSS

Live Website URL:

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