Instant Wills

Ecommerce Website for Wills

Project Overview

Please note – the live version of the website is no longer online, however a demo version is present on my server.

Instant Wills approached me with the vision of establishing an ecommerce website that would sell wills.

A completely new website was required along with design, branding and written / visual content for this newly formed company.

I designed the branding with their clientele in mind and produced a professional simplistic design to instil an approachable, certified impression.  The website design needed to equally reflect the branding whilst also being modern and sleek. The written content was produced with two goals in mind; be as informative as possible and promote increased activity and business for Instant Wills.  

As this was an ecommerce website for wills, it incorporated complex functionally which allowed for users to complete and purchase a will online. This involved adding specific capabilities which allowed the transaction for the wills and the post production of official documentation which was completed by the customer.

The project was a good demonstration of where almost all my services were used to create a new online business.

Services Provided:
Logo Design / Web Design / Web Development / Content Writing

Wordpress / PHP / Java Script / HTML / CSS

Live Website URL:

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