Price Comparison Site

Project Overview

WeTrust approached me with the aspiration of creating a price comparison website and therefore required both web design and development.

The price comparison market is extremely competitive; I therefore, created a design that had a very strong branding presence that would in turn help WeTrust stand against the many other price comparison websites. The design not only had to be unique and impactful but also had to be user intuitive and trustworthy.

User interface (UI) design was a key component for the price comparison sections of this website. The UI needed to be an extension of the branding to ensure it was highly memorable. Custom code was required when developing this website specifically, for the price comparison sections which involved connecting several API’s and coding the data to ensure it displays on the website as originally specified in the designs / mock-ups of the website.

User experience is at the heart of all my websites and WeTrust is no exception. The complexity of the price comparison interfaces was a challenge conquered when ensuring both WeTrust and their customers have a hassle-free experience when using the website.

Services Provided:
Web Design / Web Development

Wordpress / PHP / Java Script / HTML / CSS

Live Website URL:

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